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Motor Boat Rag, 1911, composed by Henry Gaul

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We have a photo album of "Proud Man" photos. Got a photo of yourself running your vintage motor? Send it to me or Jack and I'll get it in!

  • a wicked hard Koban jigsaw puzzle.
Remember: Jack and I have started a casual blog that posts old articles and photos, many of which involve rowboat motors. All kinds of early articles, from humor to information for mechanics, amazing travel pieces to fascinating advertising are posted (as well as our annual visit to the huge Tomahawk, WI .Northwoods Chapter AOMCI meet...but I missed 2017.)


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Jack's 1910 Evinrude, #610 !


Arlan Carter's publication, The American Rowboat Motor, is the must-have reference work to introduce you to the early world of outboards.

We have a photo album of "Proud Man" photos. Got a photo of yourself running your vintage motor? Send it to me or Jack and I'll get it in!
Note from Emma Craib - webmaster, April 2015

I am trying as my part of this web site's content, to find information on European motors from the early development of the outboard. Because so many important "firsts" are found there I believe coverage is needed to complete the picture.

My problem is there is much less digitized primary source material online compared to what is available on the US motors, so my information is most likely a compilation of brief articles I find online.

If you have any information you think should be added, or photos, please contact me!!!!!

CLICK HERE for 2012 Constantine Super Meet with the RBM go-slow race pictures at Rick Eichrodt's Photobucket album.

Boy, was it HOT!!! 105ºF. Jack is in the dayglo shirt officiating. Joe Brincat, Michigan, blew everyone away - being the only motor to cross the finish line!!! 2nd place went to Gary Lauer, Michigan, and 3rd to Brook Newcomb, Massachusetts.

The Constantine Super Meet every July is a great meet hosted by the Great Lakes and MOB (Michiana Outboard Boating) chapters of AOMCI.


Antique Outboarder. published quarterly by the Antique Outboard
Motor Club, Inc. 1969-79 available online thanks to Skip
Hagerman. web

Carter, Arlan. The American Rowboat Motor. Fall Creek, WI 54742:
Fall Creek Trading Co., 2010. print

Craib, Jack. original literature

Hunn, Peter. The Old Outboard Book. Camden, Maine: International
Marine/McGraw-Hill, 2002. print

Webb, W. J. and Robert W. Carrick. The Pictorial History of Outboard Motors.
New York: Renaissance Editions, Inc. 1967.

Google Books. many period periodicals and books

Google Patents.

What I'm trying to do here is provide a space where you can find photos of actual rowboat motors, plus find written information about them. The written info will be primary sources whenever possible, such as catalogs, parts lists and owner's manuals.

The photos I have are often of restored motors, but whenever I have the option unrestored examples will be shown first. While "unrestored" does not guarantee originality there is a better chance of it.

These are old motors, so there will be pictures of motors with parts on them that are not original. Where I know for sure a part is not original I'll say so. Any help with corrections and additions will be most welcome!

This site is intended to be a place where you can get a feel for what is original and appropriate and what is not.

What is a rowboat motor?... Well, that depends who you are asking.

Here they are motors designed before 1920. Some, like Caille and Evinrude, were manufactured after 1920 but were introduced earlier. They were to convert a rowed or paddled boat into a motor driven boat without using an inboard motor.

They were usually (but not always) single cylinder, forward pointing. Exceptions to the single cylinder were Federal, Koban and Arrow, which were twins. And the vertical Waterman had the single cylinder pointing skyward!

They are always fascinating in their engineering. Remember, these are old...Henry Ford hadn't even introduced assembly lines yet when the first rowboat motors were constructed. They could be crude and simple, and they could also be the opposite, with their designer's delight in this new technology of outboard motors reflected in engineering Rube Goldbergian in its complexity.

CLICK here for an article written in 1916 about the new detachable row boat motor and all the wonderful things it allows you to do, from getting to the fishing grounds without tiring, to grinding coffee and taking your sweetie-pie for an evening ride. Nice photos.

The Outboarder is issued 4 times a year by the Antique Outboard Motor Club, Inc.,
aka AOMCI. If you're reading this with interest, and you're not a member, you should be!

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